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Are your doors outdated, damaged, or just not to your liking? Color-Tones Painting can help! We aren’t just a painting contractor. We also do door Restoration! Don’t worry about door restoration cost. We’ll work with you to find the best and most affordable option for your home.
A door is an important part of a house and has many functions. In addition to letting you in and out of your house, a door keeps out various weather elements, and keeps you safe from intruders. It also keeps out debris and unwanted bugs and animals. Other uses include keeping your house well-ventilated and separating rooms within your house.
Above all, a door must be functional. It must open and close smoothly,  stay closed and must lock correctly, keeping you safe in your home.

At Color-Tones Painting we consider all the possible issues and can give you a door that looks nice and functions correctly. Skilled experts will restore your door the most efficient way possible using our seamless and reliable process. You can trust that your newly restored door will look great, and fit perfectly in your home!

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Indoor Door Painting Service

After you have a room painted like a bedroom or a bathroom – sometimes your doors just look out of place against the fresh paint. As a result, many people also opt to paint their doors.  Painting your doors is a lot of hard work. It involves removing each door one by one, and time consuming. Stop wasting your precious time! Call Color Tone’s Painting today and ask about our indoor door painting services! Our experts have the training, experience, skill and tools to perform your indoor door painting service in a fraction of the time it would take you! It doesn’t matter if you want all your doors painted or just one! No job is too big for us – Color Tones Painting has you covered! Need help installing or repairing a door? Color Tone’s Painting can do that too! Call us today for a FREE indoor door painting service or door installation estimate!

Trim Contractors Near Me

There’s no need to keep searching for “trim contractors near me.” Color-Tones Painting can take care of all your trim and door installation needs. We are located in Fall River, MA but serve customers all over Southeastern Massachusetts as well as the Greater Boston Area and nearby Rhode Island. Our experts offer a wide variety of services that put the finishing touches on a room like installing, replacing, or repairing crown molding, baseboards, and door or window trim. With the right trim on your doors or windows, your room is taken to a whole new level. Finding “trim contractors near me” is easy when you come to us at Color-Tones. Contact us today to make an appointment!

Finish Carpentry Contractors


If you’re in need of finish carpentry contractors in Greater boston, SouthEastern Massachussettts, or Rhode Island Look no further! Color Tones Painting is your go-to for door installations and finish carpentry contractors in the area! Our experts specialize in:

  • baseboard installation, repair, or removal
  • crown molding installation, repair, or removal
  • window trim installation, repair, or removal
  • door installation
  • door trim installation, repair, or removal
  • and so much more!

Our finish carpentry contractors are fully licensed and insured. At Color Tone’s Painting, we understand that quality craftsmanship is important in making your house feel like a home! Let our finish carpentry contractors take care of all of your door installations, trim, and finishing needs today! Call our finish carpentry contractors for a FREE door installation or trim estimate!


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